Golee • FAQ

What does Golee do for sports clubs?

Golee supports your ASD in every step towards digitization with tools designed specifically for the amateur and youth world. The goal of Golee is to simplify all the daily management processes of the company through a single online platform.

What services does Golee offer?

  • A free management system that serves for the administration of daily tasks of the sports club (quotas, medical visits, printouts, personal data);
  • An application for coaches to monitor the sports part connected to the management;
  • A store that allows you to sell the company's merchandising online;
  • An innovative website connected to the management.

What are the prices of the service?

Golee offers a basic part of the management system for free. If an "extra" service is activated (depending on the needs of the club) you will pay a one-off or a monthly subscription.

How does the management system helps me with privacy issues?

The management system is the perfect tool to comply with the new regulations of GDPR. Since it is password-protected, no one but you will be able to view the sensitive data of your sports club.

How do I contact customer service?

We reply via email to supporto@golee.it

Golee Manager • FAQ

What is a management system?

It is a program that allows the automation of certain business processes. Particularly in the sports world it is useful to manage the data of members, the deadlines of medical examinations, the collection of fees and much more.

How can Golee management help me?

The Golee management system supports your sports club in all daily problems. Below are just a few examples of features that you will have access to with our platform:

  • file and monitor the personal and sports data of all members of the club;
  • check the balance of quotas and print receipts;
  • monitor the expiry date of medical examinations;
  • print documents (eg. 730 statement) with company letterhead.

Which devices can I use the management system from?

The management system can be used on computers and tablets with a regular internet connection.

Do I have to download/install programs to use the management system?

No, the management system is in cloud, so it can be used and accessible via email and password directly through the internet browser (Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Edge) also from home.

What does my computer need to have in order to use Golee's services?

Only an internet connection. No special requirements.

Can the management system be used by several people at the same time?

Yes. The management system is updated even if two people, from different places, enter at the same time. This type of access is possible also with the same account (inserting therefore the same credentials).

Which are the costs of activation of the Golee service?

Golee has a free initial part that includes many basic features. Within the management system you can unlock new extra features, paying a one-time fee or subscriptions. For more information please refer to our pricing page.

How can I activate the Sign up for free?

Click here. This link gives you access to a registration form and in a few steps you can already start using your management system.

What does Golee do to help me in the initial phase with the management system?

Inside the management system you will find a special section with FAQ about the product. Moreover Golee, after the registration, will accompany you in the use of the management system with video tutorials, manuals, webinars and telephone support.

In case of termination of the contract with Golee what happens to my uploaded data?

In the moment in which the club will expose the intention to interrupt the use of the management system, the data will be returned to the club and / or deleted according to the law.

Golee Coach • FAQ

What can I do with the mobile application?

Golee Coach is a free downloadable application from Apple Store and Play Store. With Golee Coach, the coach can:

  • enter the roster and monitor the progress of athletes during the year through technical data sheets;
  • create trainings based on phases and/or objectives and mark attendance and absences (justified or not);
  • create and manage games: from pre-match (convocations and formation shared through WhatsApp) to post-match (match tables, results, report cards);
  • insert images and videos of matches and trainings;
  • consult reports sorted by season;
All that is collected through the application can be displayed on the Golee management system. We support coaches in the usage of the app with quick and easy manuals, tutorials and videos. They will learn in a few minutes.

Just download the app and request access via the registration form. Golee will view and validate each request, in some cases with telephone contact.

Golee Store • FAQ

What is Golee Store?

The Golee Store is a showcase of merchandising products and gadgets with logos and social colors of your sports club. The products are customizable and delivered at home, even the single item! The club will be paid commissions for each product sold.

How does the online store work?

The club:

  • Provides its logo and social colors
  • Select from the catalog the products it wants to activate
  • Sponsors the initiative with members
  • Receives fees from goods sold
  • Creates the store in a few days
  • Takes charge of the orders and creates them, ships them and cashes them
  • Contacts the customer in case of returns or problems related to the purchase
  • Acknowledges fees to the clubs

What articles does Golee deal with on the online store?

Golee deals exclusively with items related to gadgets. It does not resell technical material and therefore does not interfere in the relationship between the club and the technical supplier.

Can I sell my official products in the online store?

Yes, if the sports club, in agreement with its supplier, has the possibility to sell online technical material and/or merchandising products that the sports club produces internally, Golee will be able to insert the items in the store. In this case the logic of delivery and commissions change: for deliveries the products owned by the club will be collected by the customer directly at the headquarters or in the physical store, the customer will be given a code for collection; for commissions Golee will receive a small fee and will pay the club the full amount sold.

How can I activate my online store?

For activation write an email to supporto@golee.it. To complete this operation, the club adheres to the use of logos and social colors by Golee for commercial and marketing purposes. In order for Golee to go into production, it will need the club's logo in the highest resolution and its social colors.

How much are the commissions?

Golee pays the club a fee of 20% of the price of the product. Golee retains 2 euros for each official product of the club purchased.

How do I collect the commissions?

Golee recognizes the commissions in two ways:

  • scaling the amount due from the activation of extra services or renewal of the contract
  • through bank transfer or paypal payment, made quarterly

What are the delivery times of the articles?

From the receipt of payment Golee takes a maximum of 15 working days to deliver what you ordered.

What does Golee do to sponsor the online store?

Golee provides sports clubs with a "welcome kit" consisting of:

  • N° x sports club's Products of choice, delivered to the club (the number of products varies depending on the conditions of the contract).
  • Graphic formats to be published on the site or on the social pages of the company.
  • Graphic formats to be shared in whatsapp groups.

Golee Web • FAQ

What's the difference with a classic website?

The Golee website is directly connected to the management system, so the information to keep it updated as news, photos and videos can be easily inserted from there. Also sponsors management, with logo and links, on the site is within the Golee management system. In addition, all the information entered into the management system, such as club history, teams, staff and more, can be posted on the website as well. On the website Golee publishes all the latest results and rankings of the teams participating in the agonistic championship.

How can I activate the Golee website in case I already have a website?

Golee can act in two ways:

  • Overwrite the current site with the Golee website (scelta consigliata)
    Here is an example: suppose you already have a website registered on the www.società.com domain. If you want to replace it, the Golee site will be displayed on the www.società.com domain and the previous site will be deleted.
  • Create a second site parallel to the first
    Explaining it with an example, suppose you have a website registered on the www.società.com domain. Golee will buy another space, (for example: www.societacalcio.com) and build the site on this domain. The result, however, will lead to have two websites of the club online (the old and the new)
However, you should take into account that if you choose the second option, you can still decide to overwrite the website when you think it is appropriate.

What data do you need to start?

For the activation of the website we need the club social colors and logo in the highest possible resolution. Golee takes care of everything else! We will take care of the creation and the connection to the management system. If you want to overwrite the site to a domain already owned by the company, we will also need the domain access data (username and password).

How can I overwrite the old site if I can no longer find the data to access the domain?

Unfortunately you can't. To overwrite it is mandatory to have that data. Alternatively you can build the website on another domain.

In the process of overwriting the site, is there a risk of losing the data of the old site?

No. When the site is overwritten, the old site is never lost but is "set aside". The domain remains the property of the club anyway, so you will always have the possibility to go back to the old site. Moreover, if you want to pass some information from the old site to the new one, such as photos, news, articles or history, just report it to the Golee team and the data will be transported to the new site.

Golee Privacy • FAQ