Golee Coach

Improve control over your workouts.
Manage everything directly from your smartphone.


Why choose Golee Coach

Quick Activation

Account creation and app activation is done in a few hours so you can start using it for training right away.

No limits

You can create all the accounts that your coaches need and enter the data of each player.

Multiple Accesses

Managers can access the app by checking multiple teams for a complete overview.

Integrated Platform

The automatic connection with Golee Manager makes the communication between coaches and clubs simple and direct.

Complete statistics

You can always keep track of the season, performance and evaluation of the players.

Effortlessly Ordered Data

Roster, trainings, matches: everything you need is always at hand and easy to consult.


Forget scattered sheets of paper or Excel sheets difficult to fill out. You will have the data you need to follow your trainings, talk to parents and evaluate your athletes all in the palm of your hand.
Enter all your players

Single player analysis
  • Contact data
  • Automatic update of medical examination status
  • Skills and growth monitoring

Trainings management
  • Training creation (programmable on FIGC objectives or phases)
  • Compilationn of presences, absences and delays
  • In-depth statistical analysis

Match management
  • Sharable convocations via any channel (e-mail, WhatsApp, SMS…)
  • Graphic compilation of the formation on many game modules
  • Result update
  • Creation of the match scoreboard (goals, assists and cards)
  • Votes reports
  • In-depth statistics analysis

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3000 Coaches use Golee Coach

Golee Coach • FAQ

What can I do with the mobile application?

Golee Coach is a free downloadable application from Apple Store and Play Store. With Golee Coach, the coach can:

  • enter the roster and monitor the progress of athletes during the year through technical data sheets;
  • create trainings based on phases and/or objectives and mark attendance and absences (justified or not);
  • create and manage games: from pre-match (convocations and formation shared through WhatsApp) to post-match (match tables, results, report cards);
  • insert images and videos of matches and trainings;
  • consult reports sorted by season;
All that is collected through the application can be displayed on the Golee management system. We support coaches in the usage of the app with quick and easy manuals, tutorials and videos. They will learn in a few minutes.

Just download the app and request access via the registration form. Golee will view and validate each request, in some cases with telephone contact.