Golee Manager

The simple and complete management system for your sports club.


Why choose Golee Manager

Digital Administration

Everything you need just a click away and in one workspace.

Immediate access

You can access your data from any PC connected to the internet. Wherever you want.

Online subscriptions

Members can register from your website with a simple and immediate procedure.


Sanctions for privacy and data processing will no longer be a concern. Golee is GDPR compliant.

Ordered and easily available data

Quotas, medical examinations and documents will be well organized and easy to consult.

Easy to use

Golee is designed to be simple, but for any doubt or question, our assistance and customer support are always active and available.

Administrative Area

Order your data and find them immediately when you need them. No more worrying about saving and backups - everything is safe in our cloud.
All teams

All your executive staff

Technical staff within the teams with precise data
  • Personal data
  • Technical data
  • Contact data and material management on loan

Players within teams with accurate data
  • Personal data
  • Technical data
  • Contact data and material management on loan
  • Sports data

Medical examinations and deadline monitoring

Team or customized quotas and deadline monitoring
  • Printing receipts
  • Print documents useful to the athlete and to the members
  • Print 730 module
  • Print enrolment form
  • Print pre-enrolment
  • Print school credits

Sports Area

Training, games, tournaments: keep everything under control and focus on results. Rediscover the true pleasure of sport.
Training monitoring

Statistics, presences, delays and absences, the app coach is essential to feed the data of this section.


Season trend monitoring with calendar, rankings and statistics (convocations, training, report cards, bill of materials. The app coach is essential to feed the data of this section).

Communications with FIGC

Possibility of creating new friendly matches. Possibility to communicate directly with the FIGC regarding:

  • Match variation module
  • Friendly match request module
  • Basic Activity Report Form

Tournaments creation and management

Automatic and manual setting of groups and final stages, trend monitoring with rankings and results, sponsor assignment and collection of useful contacts.

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Activity Calendar

Structures and events planning

Customized Prints

Customized Receipts

Expiration quote email alert

Multiple fields import

Parents import / receipt import

Medical examination email alert

Balance Sheet


First note

1400 Clubs use Golee Manager

Golee Manager • FAQ

What is a management system?

It is a program that allows the automation of certain business processes. Particularly in the sports world it is useful to manage the data of members, the deadlines of medical examinations, the collection of fees and much more.

How can Golee management help me?

The Golee management system supports your sports club in all daily problems. Below are just a few examples of features that you will have access to with our platform:

  • file and monitor the personal and sports data of all members of the club;
  • check the balance of quotas and print receipts;
  • monitor the expiry date of medical examinations;
  • print documents (eg. 730 statement) with company letterhead.

Which devices can I use the management system from?

The management system can be used on computers and tablets with a regular internet connection.

Do I have to download/install programs to use the management system?

No, the management system is in cloud, so it can be used and accessible via email and password directly through the internet browser (Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Edge) also from home.

What does my computer need to have in order to use Golee's services?

Only an internet connection. No special requirements.

Can the management system be used by several people at the same time?

Yes. The management system is updated even if two people, from different places, enter at the same time. This type of access is possible also with the same account (inserting therefore the same credentials).

Which are the costs of activation of the Golee service?

Golee has a free initial part that includes many basic features. Within the management system you can unlock new extra features, paying a one-time fee or subscriptions. For more information please refer to our pricing page.

How can I activate the Sign up for free?

Click here. This link gives you access to a registration form and in a few steps you can already start using your management system.

What does Golee do to help me in the initial phase with the management system?

Inside the management system you will find a special section with FAQ about the product. Moreover Golee, after the registration, will accompany you in the use of the management system with video tutorials, manuals, webinars and telephone support.

In case of termination of the contract with Golee what happens to my uploaded data?

In the moment in which the club will expose the intention to interrupt the use of the management system, the data will be returned to the club and / or deleted according to the law.