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Why choose Golee Web

Automatic Updates

Results and rankings are automatically updated once inserted in the management system.

Sponsors visibility

You can offer spaces dedicated to your sponsors and conquer new ones thanks to a better online presence.

Attract new members

Put in place innovative services such as online registration to attract new members. With Golee Web is easy.

Integrated Social Media

You can share any content of your site with a single click. Managing your social profiles will be much easier.

Innovative Design

You can customize the site and choose the colors that best represent you. Without the need for complex procedures or codes.

Simple and immediate use

The integration with Golee Manager allows you to enter and manage all the data in one place, once and for all.


You can say stop to old and never updated websites that neither fans nor sponsors like. Golee Web is the easy to manage solution that allows you to have an online presence in sync with current times.
Insertion of events and news
Sponsors dedicated spaces
  • Primary
  • Secondary

Matches results entered and checked by the Golee staff
Teams and athletes section synchronized with Golee Manager (the data entered in the management system are published directly on Golee Web)
  • Roster
  • Technical Staff
  • Calendar
  • Results and Ranking

* Golee Web requires an active Golee Manager account

150 Clubs are online with Golee Web

Golee Web • FAQ

What's the difference with a classic website?

The Golee website is directly connected to the management system, so the information to keep it updated as news, photos and videos can be easily inserted from there. Also sponsors management, with logo and links, on the site is within the Golee management system. In addition, all the information entered into the management system, such as club history, teams, staff and more, can be posted on the website as well. On the website Golee publishes all the latest results and rankings of the teams participating in the agonistic championship.

How can I activate the Golee website in case I already have a website?

Golee can act in two ways:

  • Overwrite the current site with the Golee website (scelta consigliata)
    Here is an example: suppose you already have a website registered on the www.società.com domain. If you want to replace it, the Golee site will be displayed on the www.società.com domain and the previous site will be deleted.
  • Create a second site parallel to the first
    Explaining it with an example, suppose you have a website registered on the www.società.com domain. Golee will buy another space, (for example: www.societacalcio.com) and build the site on this domain. The result, however, will lead to have two websites of the club online (the old and the new)
However, you should take into account that if you choose the second option, you can still decide to overwrite the website when you think it is appropriate.

What data do you need to start?

For the activation of the website we need the club social colors and logo in the highest possible resolution. Golee takes care of everything else! We will take care of the creation and the connection to the management system. If you want to overwrite the site to a domain already owned by the company, we will also need the domain access data (username and password).

How can I overwrite the old site if I can no longer find the data to access the domain?

Unfortunately you can't. To overwrite it is mandatory to have that data. Alternatively you can build the website on another domain.

In the process of overwriting the site, is there a risk of losing the data of the old site?

No. When the site is overwritten, the old site is never lost but is "set aside". The domain remains the property of the club anyway, so you will always have the possibility to go back to the old site. Moreover, if you want to pass some information from the old site to the new one, such as photos, news, articles or history, just report it to the Golee team and the data will be transported to the new site.