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Access additional features and discover new possibilities for your sports club.

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The simple and complete app for your coaches to manage trainings and matches directly from your smartphone.

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Golee Store

The online store to earn effortlessly with your merchandise.

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A modern website always updated to communicate with your audience and promote your sponsors.

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Golee • FAQ

What does Golee do for sports clubs?

Golee supports your ASD in every step towards digitization with tools designed specifically for the amateur and youth world. The goal of Golee is to simplify all the daily management processes of the company through a single online platform.

What services does Golee offer?

  • A free management system that serves for the administration of daily tasks of the sports club (quotas, medical visits, printouts, personal data);
  • An application for coaches to monitor the sports part connected to the management;
  • A store that allows you to sell the company's merchandising online;
  • An innovative website connected to the management.

What are the prices of the service?

Golee offers a basic part of the management system for free. If an "extra" service is activated (depending on the needs of the club) you will pay a one-off or a monthly subscription.

How does the management system helps me with privacy issues?

The management system is the perfect tool to comply with the new regulations of GDPR. Since it is password-protected, no one but you will be able to view the sensitive data of your sports club.

How do I contact customer service?

We reply via email to

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